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 By Joanne Burns ©

The more people that view your online profile, the
more chances you'll have to find a date - or a long lasting relationship when using an internet or online dating service. Here are just a few tips to help you write an attention grabbing headline that will spark interest and get more people interested in learning about you, while still accurately reflecting who you are as a person.

Start out by checking out the profile headlines of other members to see how they stack up. Locate the directory that you would be listed in - men's, women's, friends, etc. and evaluate the competition. Use your imagination to create a unique heading that draws special attention to your personal ad.

Consider asking a Question
Questions often elicit a response because people are drawn to provide an answer. Make sure it is relevant to your profile and better yet, have it pertain to an interest or particular characteristic you would like to have in a date.

Avoid overused Headlines
Check out the headlines that are being used on other date sites. If you choose to use one of the ideas you find there, be sure it isn't one that is overused. Tiresome repetition can be a turn off to anyone looking through thousands of headlines. Your choice should be totally relevant to who you are and reflect the attribute you are seeking or want to share the most.

Clichés - DON'T
Using clichés will be as productive as spinning your wheels. Clichés not only make us groan, but they lack imagination. How many "Mr. Rights" can there possibly be? To offer a unique profile, avoid using them like the plague. : )

Quotes say a lot
Spiritual, funny, prophetic, political or almost any trait you can think of can be expressed by a quote. It can be the perfect statement of the characteristics that you want represented in your headline or even your philosophy on life.

Avoid using Emoticons or Excessive Punctuation
Unless the smiley face is a reflection of your personality, it is smarter to leave out the cutesy expressions, symbols, punctuation or emoticons. Using them may give the impression of a childish or immature personality.

Play on Words and Puns
Humor is one of the attributes that almost everyone is looking for in a partner. Using puns or a play-on-words can draw those same types to your profile. But be careful not to use a phrase that may be seen as sexual or improper.

Share your Special Interests and Hobbies
If you are a pet lover, a motorcycle enthusiast, or some other special hobby or interest, use it to draw others with the same interest to your profile.

By Joanne Burns
Dating & Relationship Expert Editor
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